This new work is part of my Outer Space Series and, though started before the Covid-19 crisis, continues in my free time after days worked at home via the internet, for Winterthur Museum. “Over the Moon” was inspired by wonderful photography made available by NASA. (I shamelessly manipulated one of their moon photos and applied it over a wooden core.) Also, I continue to be inspired by paintings created by my Mexican cousin, the aptly named Leonardo Nierman.

Grigsby Over the Moon Beadwork Sculpture 3-19-20

Over the Moon (Outer Space Series)
Glass seed beads and thread over wooden core
Diameter: 9″

Status: In progress

Over the Moon

Over the Moon Grigsby Beadwork Sculpture

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life desaturated (squirrel)

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I’m All Ears! (Margay)


Grigsby Beadwork - Tigger-Tiger

It Dawned on Me (Airplane)

Social Climber (Squirrel)

Hide (Fawn)

Leslie Grigsby Beadwork - Fawn (Hide)

Fountain of Youth (Fawn)

Fountain of Youth (Fawn)

Changing Spots

In Progress

Koi Teapot

Grigsby Beadwork Koi Teapot

Jeannie’s Koi

Earth Series

4 Elements (Helmets)

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Teapot: If You Drink Any More Tea, You'll Turn Into a Teapot

Outer Space

Egyptian Teapot

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