This, my most recent work, is inspired by the beautiful margay, a small wild feline native to southern Mexico and Central and South America. The striking appearance of such creatures has lead them to be hunted to near extinction for the exotic pet trade. They also are endangered by diminished forest land, their native habitat.

While viewing a National Geographic episode, I was struck by the beauty of margays as well as by their inquisitive expressions. As I would never remove such a creature from its native habitat, the only way to have one at home was to create one, myself. This work took about four months to complete.

Grigsby Margay facing right 4

Margay top view 3 - shot 8-18   Margay top view 1 - shot 8-18

Grigsby Margay facing right 5
Margay underside - shot 8-18

I’m All Ears! (Margay)
Glass seed beads in peyote stitch over dense foam core; glass eyes, felt

L (nose to back of head): approx 5″; W. (including ears): 4 1/4″: H: 3 1/4″

Available for purchase 

Below are images of the margay head, while in progress. At the time when those photos were taken, the ears were not yet attached.  They are held onto the head by beadwork, alone. As also is true for some of my past works, the foam core of this sculpture is the type used by taxidermists when they want to mount animal skins. That’s not my thing, though! There’s no fur on my margay, though, just beadwork.
Margay in progress 1-13-17 ca

Margay in progress 1-13-17 view 2

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life desaturated (squirrel)

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I’m All Ears! (Margay)


Grigsby Beadwork - Tigger-Tiger

It Dawned on Me (Airplane)

Social Climber (Squirrel)

Hide (Fawn)

Leslie Grigsby Beadwork - Fawn (Hide)

Fountain of Youth (Fawn)

Fountain of Youth (Fawn)

Koi Teapot

Grigsby Beadwork Koi Teapot

Changing Spots

In Progress

Jeannie’s Koi

Earth Series

4 Elements (Helmets)

Fish & Waterways (other)

Teapot: If You Drink Any More Tea, You'll Turn Into a Teapot

Outer Space

Egyptian Teapot

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