My newest work, Just Beneath the Surface, was inspired by the concept that–in nearly all aspects of our lives–there always is something going on just beyond our sight. And by this, I mean something deeper than the old “beauty is only skin deep” adage. Instead, ideas, joys and concerns bubble away behind every face that passes us on the street. Life flourishes or diminishes behind the bark of every tree, and the oceans thrive or deteriorate beneath the surface of the waves. Can we always know what is going on in these hidden spaces? I think not, but simply knowing that there might be wonderful or even tragic secrets floating there suggests that we need to be sensitive to what is going on around us.

I am about two months into this sculpture and am working the off-loom peyote stitch in roughly 40 different colors or sizes of glass beads. The core is a “found” plastic sea turtle, over which I am attempting to show a small portion of the animal exposed above the water and the rest submerged. When completed, the turtle will be mounted at an angle over a rough wooden burl, as though he swims over sea coral.


Just Under the Surface (Sea Turtle)
Glass seed beads in peyote stitch over plastic sea turtle core
L. (overall): 9 1/2″

Available for purchase



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