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recent work: life desaturated (squirrel)

Recent Work: Social Climber (Squirrel)

Fountain of Youth (Fawn)

Fountain of Youth (Fawn)

Koi Teapot

Grigsby Beadwork Koi Teapot


Grigsby Beadwork - Tigger-Tiger

Hide (Fawn)

Leslie Grigsby Beadwork - Fawn (Hide)

Changing Spots

In Progress

Jeannie’s Koi

The 4 Elements (Helmets) Series

Outer Space (Series: Ray Guns, Rocket Ships and Eclipse)

Earth & Globe (Series)

Water and Fish (Series: Waterways)

Teapot: If You Drink Any More Tea, You'll Turn Into a Teapot

Egyptian Teapot

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